Who's THEM

Our Staff

David Mandala, Principal

Mandala is results-driven entrepreneurial leader with significant experience in Open Source and Linux. More then 40 years’ experience, including six start-ups. It has become apparent to him that with the creation of low cost Internet connected devices that security for small businesses has become much harder and it's a poorly served area. He decided to establish Secured by THEM to address this need.

Mandala's background includes actively building the next generation of disruptive technologies: developed large communities on the web long before the web became dynamic, gps tracking years before it's become a commodity, led the development of Ubuntu ARM, and deployed the first ARM servers and ARM clouds. He feels strongly that now is the time to utilize Open Source technologies to develop low cost methods of network and business security priced at a level that small businesses can afford it.

In his free time he enjoys spending time with his wife, children and dogs, drinking fine wine, coming up with new applications and reading. But lets admit it, he's purely focused on Secured by THEM at the current time so, there's not much free time these days!

Michael Casadevall, Director of Engineering

Based in New York City, Casadevall has spend more then 10 years working in the embedded ARM space and he is an accomplished IT engineer on both Linux and Windows systems. His experience in networked devices, and previous IoT projects helped develop the Network Data Recorder, and the underlying logic used to scan and investigate devices on the network. His experience with Windows has helped develop the methods required to secure and lock down devices essential to the operation of a business.

In his free time, he frequently travels aboard, reads, and engages in photography in some of the most interesting locales around the world.